Well, here they are: My Own Songs...

this collection only represents a few pieces of music - if you want to have more, just contact me!!

These songs I did produce myself from the very beginning to the very end. As I was a young fellow, I did not have too much money which made my equipment look like this: 1 acoutic and 1 electric guitar, 2 African bongos, a 4-track recording machine and a cheap mic from the supermarket.

Name Comment   Download
The End why does love always hurt?   click
Illumination a moment of clarity...   click
Tribute (to Berlin) leaving Berlin, a tribute song seems to be necessary ...   click
The F-town Song a "tribute" to a city where I spent too much time ...   click
Nature Rules a hymn on my father   click
all copyrights by Michael Stollberg !!